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The Gumbeaux Mix comes alive for its third installment, and without question has reached it’s greatest form. On this go around, TheRadioShaq curates a list of musicians ranging from Grammy award winning Rapper/Producer Chase N. Cashe, to new comers like Baby Boy Scum from Virginia. The growing playlist, usually consisting of New Orleans based acts, has now expanded to Baton Rouge, and states outside of Louisiana in general. How much time are we going to spend on the intro? Not much, we have to breakdown each of these flame spittas, and tell you why they’ve been selected for Gumbeaux Mix 3, Let’s Go.

Opening up Gumbeaux Mix 3, we have Daniel Heartless with, “Hi Roller”, who we just had featured for an On The Rise here at The Source. Punchlines on punchlines, Daniel Heartless instantly grabs your attention with “Hi Roller”, and will certainly keep his strong, and loyal fan base around for the remainder of the playlist. A playlist that includes another track from the Westside flame spitta, “Home Girl Part 2”, which may be even more popular with his fans than “Hi Roller” is.

Our Source prediction on Daniel Heartless is that he’ll elevate to a status similar to who it seems one of his biggest influences is, and that’s Lil Wayne. Similar rhyming styles, similar auras about themselves, both attracting crazed fan bases at a young age, Daniel Heartless has a certain formula that has produced other highly successful New Orleans rappers, and he also possesses the crossover ability, whenever that time comes. Perfect blend of street savvy, and switch up ability that will have record labels rubbing their hands (no pun intended) at his money making potential.

2. Chad Conquering Lion – The World Is Yours ft. MidCityAb – Another track that we recently featured here at The Source. It was absolutely imperative that we featured it again in Gumbeaux Mix 3. The verbal sparring that Chad, and AB practiced on “The World Is Yours” still echos as one of the hardest hitting tracks to come out of New Orleans in awhile. Two artists who nonchalantly go about their rap careers, who often times tap each other for features, and go ape every time. The irony of it all is that, two of New Orleans Top 10 best MC’s, probably doesn’t care what you rank them either way, or about rap in general. They’re mores so messengers of New Orleans, and see their gift as a responsibility to speak up from time to time. Hence us dedicating an entire article to tell you how MidCityAb just happens to rap.

Our Source prediction is that Chad Conquering Lion, and MidCityAB will just wake up one day, and say, f**k it, we’re ready to take the rap game over, and just drop mad bombs on us all. Leaving our heads spinning in a lyrical, New Orleans lingo frenzy. It can happen, right?

3. MadeGroceries – TheGroceryBoyz, on the last leg of wildly successful tour, MG has continued to record, and drop new music, even from the road. This time literally telling you that they’re “Back On The Road”. The Secret is out about these cats. We’ve already told you here, they’re New Orleans’ most formidable rap group, they have industry cosigns, New Orleans is behind them, they’re attracting new fans on the road everyday, they’re music is only becoming more flame. It’s really up with Made.

Our Source prediction for MadeGroceries is that they’ll only elevate from here, and go from New Orleans’ most formidable rap group, to one of the most formidable rap groups in the history of the industry. We already told you that they had 2018 Grammy Potential, because of their authentic Hip Hop style, and their amazing rap personas. This stands true even on Gumbeaux Mix 3. “Back On Road” is a crazy track, one that shows off TheGroceryBoyz’ range, and ability to manipulate any track.

4. Chase N. Cashe – “Reporting Live” was just featured on The Source. Chase N. Cashe shows off his ever evolving rap skills. Following “The Black Jesus” fans had already been satisfied by a successful Chase N. Cashe drop, then he turns around, and laces them again with “Reporting Live”. If this track is any indication on the direction Chase is going in with his rap style, and ability, he’s going to completely wreck the game in 2017, and honestly for years to come as well.

Our Source prediction for Chase N. Cashe is that he’ll do just that. He’ll continue to reinvent himself in the industry, take on new challenges, and it’ll result in him attracting new hardware for his trophy case. His talent is there, and will always be there, now that he’s seemingly found yet another pocket to settle into as a rapper, it can potentially get mad spooky out here.

5. Pell – Another member of our New Orleans New Comers With 2018 Grammy Potential class, Pell drops another complete banger, produced by London On The Track. Already numerically our most successful drop from Gumbeaux Mix 3, “Patience” shows off a Pell who really understands the art of making great music. “Patience” is bouncy, and shifty, sonically all over the place. One would assume that the pairing of Pell, and London On The Track is an odd one, but we can’t deny the versatility of both parties involved, and why a collaboration like “Patience” sounds as ill as it does.

Our Source prediction is that Pell will step up to the challenge of his heightened expectations. Without knowing personally, we can guess that Pell’s expectations for himself are as high, if not higher than the one’s we’ve all placed upon him. With that being said, it makes sense why he’s transitioned to delivering songs like “Patience”, and why it’s featured on Gumbeaux Mix 3.

6. Tre Louis – This was a selection from Baton Rouge Radio Personality, Boo Milton. We respect Boo Milton’s opinion here highly, as a fellow artist himself. The beauty of Boo Milton is that we asked him to submit a track from himself, or anyone that he’s recommend, and he quickly sends us a song from an artist he discovered at his radio station. That’s Baton Rouge Hip Hop in a nutshell though. Super supportive of each other. Justin Ivey just released a dope piece on 12 Baton Rouge Rappers You Should Know, and although a few people did the whole crab in the bucket thing, for the most part Baton Rouge embraced his opinion. Boo Milton is cut from that same cloth of wanting to always shine light on the culture, especially Baton Rouge’s.

7. Alfred Banks – “The Funeral of Orlandas Banks” is dedicated to Alfred Banks’ brother, who had schizophrenia. In the song, Alfred Banks recreates his brother’s memorial, and it takes a special kind of artist to dig that deep emotionally. But that’s who Alfred Banks is, an extremely special artist, who has been doing music at a high level for a really long time now.

Our Source prediction for Alfred Banks is that he’ll continue to rise. As he preps for yet another tour, Alfred Banks seemed determined to spread his message across the globe, and wake even more people up to the great music that he has to present.

8. 7¢ Herm – Choppa City Bebop feat $hawk & Nappz Bacon. Finally, some newcomers to The Source. 7¢ Herm is an underrated lyricist in New Orleans. He has thought provoking bars, a crazy flow, and the energy to turn skeptics into believers. $hawk, held his own on the track as well, another young artist with a lot of potential.

9. Kr3wcial feat GABRL “Church” – We were there when Kr3wcial’s vocals on this song were recorded, hanging out at Kowboii Studios in New Orleans. This song shows Kr3wcial’s versatility, not anything like he’s ever made before, but he never records the same song twice, seemingly. GABRL, another booming artist from Miami assisted crucial on “Church”, and did the song mad amounts of justice.

10. Zoe With Da Flow – Once again, we were here when this song was recorded as well. “Pain” shows why Zoe With Da Flow feels comfortable calling himself, Zoe With Da Flow. So many different flows, reminds us of Meek Mill. Extremely aggressive rap style, mixed with the influences of today’s music, Zoe With Da Flow understands the art of rapping, and is well on his way to mastering it.

11. Derelyn Williams feat Landon – “Tear Us Apart”. Our homie El Williams hooked us up with this one. El Williams has the first drop on most artists coming out of New Orleans. he runs a local showcase there, entitled The Soundclash, and most of these artists mentioned here have gone through The Soundclash circuit. It’s almost a right of passage for New Orleans artists, and now Baton Rouge artists as well. Derelyn Williams dazzles every single time, she hasn’t missed for as long as we’ve known about her, which has been since Pass The Aux 2, and she only seems to be gaining more steam.

Our Source prediction for Derelyn is that she continues to climb the ladder of R&B, and eventually becomes a major player in the genre. She has the style, the vocal ability, the drive, and the song making ability to do just that, so it’ll come as no surprise to us if she ends up mainstream.

12. Luna Loxx – “BLK Heart”. Luna Loxx is a rare, rare creature, and her music reflects that rareness. Lyrics that only she could’ve came up with, a sound that unique to her, a look that screams I’m Luna Loxx, and a following that wants her to go higher. At this point, the only person that can stop Luna Loxx, is Luna Loxx, and “BLK Heart” effortlessly proves that exact theory to be correct.

13. $leazy EZ – We just spoke about Luna Loxx being a rare creature, and now we transition to $leazy EZ, another complete alien. We spend a lot of time with $leazy EZ. We closely watched a successful 2016, turn into a project dropping in 2017, ‘Smoke Break’. This young, charismatic, musician has taken New Orleans rap by storm, and it won’t be long before she takes mainstream rap by storm as well. “Duccets” is a drop from ‘Smoke Break’, and one of the hardest from the tape.

14. Baby Boy Scum – “Beast Boy”, Baby Boy Scum hails from Virginia, with family ties in New Orleans, LA. Baby Boy, the youngest Gumbeaux Mix 3 artist, is still a high schooler, with the youthful demeanor to match, and a heavy 2017 rap influence. Even with the strong current day rap influence, Baby Boy Scum still has qualities from artists of yesterday, with heavy influences from Lil Wayne, and Kanye West. “Beast Boy” shows off Baby Boy’s attention to lyricism, while mixing melody, and autotune into the equation.

15. Hafree feat Skrrwhooo & Kidd Da Beast – “Trap Nigga” – A hard hitting track from the Skeesh camp. RSN, Salute. “Trap Nigga” is a huge song in New Orleans, and ode to the streets, and the players that grow up in them. This trio are no strangers to hit, when you combine Hafree, Skrrwhooo, and Kidd Da Beast, you can expect great things. As members of the same crew as Zoe With Da Flow, these guys have probably the strongest underground camp going in New Orleans, and they seem to be only growing.

16. Negus feat Millions – “Extra”. We dropped the video for this song a few weeks back, after sitting in on a studio session with Negus. You know how we feel about this artist already, he’s one of the next ones to blow. He has the total package, it was mandatory that “Extra” was featured on Gumbeaux Mix 3, and we’re going to continue to drop bangers from Negus. Millions is creeping into rap dominance in New Orleans. With a growing fan base, a rising rap ability, and more, and more hard hitting drops, Millions will soon be talked about in the same breath as some of the greatest to ever hail from the Crescent City.

17. Bee – Gossip Freestyle (2014) – Bee continues to prove why he’s one of the city’s illest spittas, and his consistency is alarming at this rate. Bee continues to drop track, after track, reminding his fans, and skeptics why they should continue paying attention. Bee drops “Gossip Freestyle”, and sent his listeners into a frenzy.

Our Source prediction for Bee is that when he’s completely focused on rap, he’ll continue to climb the ladder, and challenge some of the best. Right now, we feel like he’s Top 10 underground spittas in the city, but we say that lightly because his potential is even greater than just top 10. He’s one really strong project away from seriously opening up a serious conversation.

18. K1ng Chulo – We opened up the submissions for one more day, and slid in 2 more tracks, this track was the 1st of them. “Good Karma”.

19. Crescent City Connected – “Mind Right” was our final selection. Our buzzer beater.

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