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rantnrave:// It's almost that time of year. The NCAA tournament — the most fun days of the sports calendar — is near. The bracket is out. Everyone is about to turn to Ken Pomeroy. Syracuse had its bubble burst but Michigan's run to get in was amazing. As a Rutgers alum, I'm happy for Northwestern — never is a long time to go without an appearance. Elaine Benes is hyped too. But the winner is probably going to be a blue blood. March Madness might be the only thing that can unite this country. … The NCAA tournament isn't just buzzer-beaters and upsets. It's about the stories that make Cinderellas and the journeys that crown champions. Now is the time to read our REDEF SportsSET "The Moments That Made March Madness". … A concussion epidemic is plaguing the sports world. High-tech helmets, safer tackling techniques, impact-measuring chips — can anything help save athletes' brains? Our newest REDEF SportsSET: "The Brain Game: How Sports Are Trying to Solve the Concussion Crisis". … Nike's Pro Hijab got a lot of hype, including here, but there are alternatives. Joojoo Azad offers "ethical and Muslim-owned" options. … Would nine NFL owners vote against the Raiders moving to Las Vegas? Their choice could come down to their views on a team in the U.S. gambling capital. Then again, who cares about legalized gambling anymore? Fantasy sports are a lifeblood for the league and teams have partnerships with daily fantasy companies. … Jahm Najafi might buy Time Inc. What would happen if a part-owner of the Phoenix Suns owns Sports Illustrated? Team owners controlling media organizations in the same town is not a new scenario. John Henry owns the Red Sox and the Boston Globe. The Tribune Co. used to own the Chicago Tribune and the Cubs. Think of all the teams that own the regional sports networks and sites that cover their teams. But this is at a national level and SI wouldn't just cover the Suns; it would cover all their competitors, too. Think of it as a throwback to the 1990s, when Time Warner owned the Braves and SI. That passed by without major incident.

NFL abuse of painkillers and other drugs described in court filings

Documents presented by former players in their suit against the league say the NFL violated federal laws and disregarded DEA guidance on handling controlled substances.
Rick Maese | The Washington Post

The small California city responsible for America's first bike lane

The United States has thousands of miles of cycling infrastructure. This is the story of the first mile.
Peter Flax | Outside Online

Throwing in the chair: What's up with Bob Knight?

Two years after Bob Knight's departure from ESPN, Sports Illustrated writer (and Hoosier basketball fan) Jon Wertheim assesses The General's sad legacy.
Jon Wertheim | Indianapolis Monthly

The Jew who changed football forever

There would have been no Tom Brady or Johnny Unitas if it hadn't been for one determined son of Orthodox Jews from Cleveland, Ohio.
Gil Troy | The Daily Beast

How Trump's presidency turned WWE politically correct

WWE, once known for controversial wrestlers like Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff, has toned down political storylines in the Donald Trump era.
Kenny Herzog | Rolling Stone


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